Watcher - Audra Middleton 3.5 STARSFantasy is a genre that I've have very little experience with so I was very eager to give Watcher a try. Watcher was an entertaining read that had its highs and lows. A book with well-developed characters is always a good book in my opinion and Watcher did not disappoint.I loved the main characters, each of them was unique. The characters had both admirable characteristics and flaws so they were believable enough.Goran is a holy man with a prophesy to help fulfill-to say that he was not very eager to go through his quest to find and unite the Chosen Son and the King's Flower would be putting it mildly. It is during this that he stumbles across Watcher, an orphan girl. Watcher was an interesting character-she was intelligent, mischievous and adorably naive. Her childhood was completely different from that of the other normal children so she had some issues with social interaction. Watcher and her pet bear, Kitty (no, I’m not kidding she really does have a five hundred pound bear named Kitty!) were very protective of each other.Benaiah, the Chosen Son has a special gift (something that a lot of people feared) and this does not make his childhood very easy. Benaiah is raised by Marta who's very sweet and protective of him, her sharp tongue had me giggling a couple of times.The world building was great although sometimes I felt that it was too descriptive.I also felt that about halfway through the book, the reader is bombarded by a LOT of characters-keeping track of who's who was a bit difficult especially with the a lot of them having unusual names! I would have been a little more comfortable if the characters were introduced with a little breathing room in between each introduction.Overall an intriguing book, one that might appeal to a lot fantasy fans.*I received a copy from the author in exchange for a honest review.