Rebel Heart - Moira Young Review : Rebel Heart - Moira Young @ Say It With Books “We like to think we’re in charge of our own lives, but we ain’t.”I read the Blood Red Road(Dust Lands #1) a couple of months back and absolutely loved it!It was the first Dystopian/Post Apocalyptic book that I read and it was quite an amazing page turner.After reading Blood Red Road I could hardly wait for the sequel and I was really excited to read it soon.And the sequel,Rebel Heart did not disappoint!Red Blood Road ended with a bit of a cliffhanger and I could hardly wait to find out how the everything works out for Saba, Jack, DeMalo and Lugh. The sequel starts out with Jack's POV-he's meeting up with Molly to let her know about Ike.And the rest of the book is narrated through Saba's POV.And Saba was as kick-ass as in Red Blood Road.The story-telling was beautiful and the there was a lot of twists that kept me on the edge.The action was intense and the there were a lot of surprises that left me frustrated.And if you expect to see the sweet ol' Lugh in Rebel Heart think again!Whatever happened back when he was captured by the Tonton has left Lugh bitter.He's still protective and sweet(at times) but the relationship between him and Saba is strained.The fact that Saba's fighting her own demons and is pretty spooked outta her mind adds further strain to their to their bond.Lugh's bitterness leaves him furious with Saba, Jack and their father.All of the characters Emmi, Maev, Tommo(aww poor Tommo *sign*) and DeMalo have changed quite a bit.These changes have given the story a great twist.Overall, Rebel Heart was filled with nothing but awesome-ness and I totally recommend it to every one who loves some good ol' fast paced action and a lil romance!