Barbie Girl - Heidi Acosta Heidi Acosta's Barbie Girl reminds me of Cindy C Bennett's [b:Heart On A Chain|10295484|Heart On A Chain|Cindy C. Bennett||15197369] & [b:Geek Girl|8883501|Geek Girl|Cindy C. Bennett||13441997]-Don't ask me why,it just does.I loved both Heart on a Chain & Geek Girl so I mean this in a good way.If you've read either book & enjoyed it you have to read Barbie Girl.I gotta admit that when I stumbled across Barbie Girl I was a little bit wary-maybe it's the cover or the word "Barbie" in the title name?But Barbie Girl was quite a surprise,definitely not the fluffy read that I expected!The protagonist,Barbie(Don't judge.I promise that there's a story behind this name) is a character with a lot of layers and her fair share of flaws and issues.On the outside she's a Barbie look-alike but she's far from being a perfect lil girl.I loved her 'I don't care what ya think' attitude,she was NOT the person that she appears to be(i.e. a slut)-deep down she's a really nice person.Barbie doesn't attempt to prove that she's not a slut-she thinks that if no one can get close to her they won't be able to figure out her secrets.And Boy Oh Boy she DOES have a lot of secrets.Dylan is the guy that Barbie's crushing on,he's also her Math tutor.He's the cute nerdy guy who's pining after Kate,the school's popular girl aka his long time crush.I was alternating between wanting to drool over him and wanting to smack him on the head for not seeing what was right in front of his eyes! The story is told alternatively from both Barbie's and Dylan's POV. “I am dying. Every part of me is shattering; falling to the floor, a hole in my chest is ripped wide open for the world to see. The earth is set into motion again spinning faster than before, nothing makes sense, but everything makes sense.”And Third,Dylan's adorable friend-Aw this guy was HILARIOUS. Every time Dylan acted like a tool Third was there for Barbie.And Roxie,the goth girl who loves pink-No one can accuse her of being a stereotype.Like Third she was there for Barbie during the tough times.This book was bittersweet with moments that had me thinking 'wow this is intense' and making me laugh out loud too.Honestly I didn't expect to like it that much but yes Heidi Acosta definitely surprised me with this one.It's great book apart from the occasional cliches and few mistakes