The Color of Grace - Linda Kage 3.5 StarsThe Color of Grace is many things.It's a coming of age story that deals with one girl's journey of self discovery.It's a contemporary romance that makes you sign and swoon.It's a moving story that confronts tough issues like sexual harassment.The book starts out with Grace going through some major upheaval in her life-Her mom's remarrying so she she has to move in to a new town.This means she'll be leaving her best friends and since Grace isn't exactly a social butterfly this is really not a good thing.And the worst part the new school she'll be enrolling at is the rival school.Although Grace is not exactly happy about this arrangement she copes quite well.Despite being awkward and more than a little insecure she was a really nice person who cared about her friends and family.Ryder Yates,the golden boy who has the looks,money and charm that'll make you go Woah.But he's also a sweet person who genuinely cared about the people around him.I loved the easy banter between Grace and Ryder-their comebacks and flirtations got me smiling. “So that’s why we’re stuck being in love with each other. I dragged you into it.”“With your big green eyes?”“Exactly.”I also loved the way Linda Kage incorporated the symbolization of colors into the story.Linda's writing style is something that I liked very much,it was smooth and enhanced the story.But there were a few things that broke the spell for me.There's this instance where Barry,Grace's new step-dad buys her a gold chain.Grace's mom does not approve of it and she makes that very clear to Barry.This pisses off Grace and she says this:She was probably feeling self-conscious because Barry hadn’t given her anything sparkly to wrap around her own wrinkly, old throat.Hellooo who says that about their own mom??That's completely disrespectful.This is not something that can be justified no matter how angry Grace is.Yes,it's just one sentence but it definitely put a damper on my love for this book.There were also a few times where I felt that some parts were overly descriptive.Overall,The Color of Grace was great read.You should check it out if you're a fan of contemporaries.*Source: Received an e-copy in exchange for a honest reviewStop by my blog,Say It With Books to read the the interview with Linda Kage and Enter to win a copy of The Color Of Grace.