The Collector - Victoria Scott My RatingThere was a lot of hype last year for the release of Veronica Scott’s debut The Collector. Naturally I was super excited for Dante the book.Speaking of characters, Dante is the ultimate bad boy. When I say bad I mean BAD. For the first half of the book at least there were no redeeming qualities in him whatsoever. If you look up egocentric, shallow jack ass you’d probably find Dante Walker under it.I found myself getting seriously pissed off at his blatant disregard for other people’s feelings. There’s a fine line between being bad-boy and being a total jerk. Sadly, Dante falls into the latter category. A bad-boy is HAWT but a jerk? Not so much. Nevertheless he was entertaining because he grows on you.When it comes to Charlie the only thing I felt was indifference. It was almost as if Dante overshadowed her character. There were a few moments when I did like her but in the end she just was not memorable enough.Don't get me wrong-I didn't hate her! She was just bleh.The romance was sudden and progressed way to fast (on Dante’s side) for my liking. I wouldn’t call it insta-love but it definitely wasn’t believable. Rating The Collector was NOT an easy task. I loved the concept-It had the potential to be a kick ass read. I felt that the author concentrated way too much on the main character, Dante and not enough on the rest of the characters (especially Charlie). And Dante’s change of heart towards the end was sudden and unbelievable. If the change had been more gradual and less sudden it would have been believable. The ending wasn’t too much of a cliff hanger.But the real question is “would I read the sequel?”Yes, I think I might pick it up some day. Because despite its shortcomings The Collector was a fun read that had me laughing out loud.