Pivot Point

Pivot Point - After reading The Distance Between Us last month(and lovin' it!) I could hardly wait to pick up Pivot Point. As excited as I was to find out that Pivot Point focuses on parallel worlds I have to admit that I felt a little apprehensive when I found out that about the super powers part. But all of that vanished when I started reading Pivot Point. This book was good. Like really really good.All of us make choices on a daily basis, right? What if you were to find out that one of these seemingly minuscule decisions has the chance to change your life forever? And what if you knew the consequences that came with making one of these seemingly unimportant choice?Does being aware of these consequences make it any easier to make that decision?With her parents' decision to separate, Addie has to choose between living with her mother in the Compound and living with her dad in the Norm World. Addie's clairvoyance ability should make this task of choosing an easy one. Knowing the outcomes of her choices is not as great as one would think especially when it means that she has to choose between her loved ones.Kasie West succeeds AGAIN in forcing her way into my list of favorite authors with her refreshing debut, Pivot Point. Both of Addie's potential paths are narrated in alternating chapters-the transitions from one parallel world to another was seamless and done exceptionally well. I got sucked into one version of Addie's future only to get pulled back and introduced to another version that was equally compelling! West keeps moving the reader back and forth between the futures and this strategy made Pivot Point unputdownable! Addie's voice was an important factor for the success of this book since the story is narrated by her, she's smart, organized, strong and sarcastic. The choice she makes at the end was a hard but necessary one and I respected the fact that she made this choice in order to protect someone that she loved. “When I read, I feel emotion all on my own. Emotion no living person is making me feel.” It is rare to find books where best friend relationships in books are portrayed realistically but West does this quiet well. Laila was a character that I liked a lot and her interaction with Addie was a pleasure to read. “He shrugs. "Doesn't help to waste my time thinking about would've-beens." Laila whispers, "He says to the girl with a mind full of them.” Duke-the hot and popular quarterback who can charm people into doing pretty much anything he wants.Trevor-All I can say is Duke pales in comparison to this guy. This ex-football player(courtesy of back injury while playing) is a sweet and talented guy. Basically, Trevor was totally irresistible and swoonworthy! “Your eyelashes make mine want to commit suicide from shame.” And just like in The Distance Between Us the romance part of the book was so well written that it makes you want to stand on the sidelines and cheer out loud for Addie! “I want you to choose me, Addie,” he whispers. “I want this to be real.”I also loved the interactions between Addie and her parents(who also have cool abilities-her dad is a Discerner and her mom's a Persuasive) and , this is where a lot of other YA books fail. Unlike other books of this genre Addie's parents were always present and not 'conveniently' absent-Thank God!West's writing was simple yet captivating. There's just the right amount of romance, angst, mystery, humor and paranormal elements to keep you turning those pages. Once again, Kasie West exceeds my expectations and delivers a book that'll make you want to read it one sitting and finish it, only to pick it up once again. The world building was satisfactory but I would have to loved to know a little more about Addie's life inside the compound and the abilities that inhabitants possessed. Hopefully this will be explored in details in the sequel-Sooo excited! I absolutely cannot wait to read Split Second!