Vigilant - Angel Lawson 3.5 STARSI stumbled across Vigilant on Christina's (A Reader of Fictions) Cover Snark feature. I knew I'd pick this book up sooner or later because of it's super gorgeous cover! That was until I read the synopsis. A Vigilante?! Holy Smoking Batman, I wanted it ASAP."He was like Batman or Superman or The Green Arrow, but not the made-up fantasies of men who never grew up and who sketched their heroes into comic books. He was real, and he’d just saved Ari from four armed gunmen. He was the Glory City Vigilante.Ari Grant was a refreshing character-Caring, reckless, flawed yet strong. She clearly cared about the youth that she worked with because she went to great lengths to make sure that they stayed out of trouble. And even when the kids did get into trouble she tried to helped them out despite the repeated threats to her life.Her relationship with her roommate, Oliver was written quite well. They had each other's back and supported each even if it was for something completely crazy!“I’m about to do something reckless and possibly stupid. Do you want to come with me?” Oliver furrowed his eyebrows for a moment. “Scale of one to ten, ten being the highest, how reckless and stupid? “Seven.” After a moment of consideration he smiled. “I’m in. Let me get my coat.”Ari makes a couple of decisions that were less than sensible but she does rectify these mistakes sooner or later. Her determination to make sure that these troubled kids stayed safe at all costs was something that I really admired. It was not an easy job so I could understand to a certain extent why she'd make those less-than-sensible choices.Davis was one of those guys-Mysterious, hot, caring and completely irresistible. I loved the fact that both Ari and Davis were able to connect and understand each other because they both fought to help the troubled youth although they both did use different ways to do it.And then there was Nick whom I disliked from the beginning. Where as Davis was mysterious, Nick was the 'steady' guy who worked as a attorney at juvenile court. This is where he meets Ari.Vigilant is the first book that I've read that follows the super hero story line. The story line was strengthened by a set of characters who were well formed. Watching the Ari fight against all the crappy stuff that life threw at her, grow and make the right choice was wonderful. Vigilant was well-paced, I loved the fact that Angel Lawson incorporated Parkour in the story.There were a few things that deterred me from giving Vigilant 4 stars-If there's anything I love as much as gummy bears it's a well choreographed action scene that gets your heart racing. I felt that the action scenes in Vigilant could have been a little better.We were introduced to Davis's past, I would also have loved to see a little more of Ari's.Overall, it was an entertaining book that left me wanting more. Can't wait to see more of Ari and Davis soon!INTERNATIONAL Giveaway of Vigilant at Say It with Books