Stripped - Brooklyn Skye Stripped is a New Adult Contemporary about a girl, Quinn who has been dealt some 'not so great' cards by fate and how she overcomes these obstacles. Brooklyn's debut was not quite what I expected nevertheless it was a pleasant surprise. The protagonist, Quinn was not someone that I could relate to. Yet there was a part of me that was able to sympathize with her unfortunate situation. She goes through a series of tough stuff starting with her sister's death. The scandal that her dad was involved led to bankruptcy which lands Quinn in a position where she has to resort to nude modeling to make ends meet. For these reasons you could almost forgive her behavior. Almost. She's misguided and her idea of what's right and what's not was a little twisted. Her bitchy attitude and ignorance didn't help either. So you could definitely say that Quinn was a frustrating character. But having said that I felt that as the story progresses you come to understand that the reason she behaves the way she does. She also definitely grows as a character-Less dramatic, Less ignorant, More trusting and More strong.“Why do you do that?” Torrin’s voice echoes in the empty hall. His hand is holding my arm gently, not at all like Derek does. I can’t have this. I can’t. I shouldn’t have ever come here with him.I draw in a shaky breath and pull my arm away.“Do what?”“Walk away every time I ask you something personal?”Torrin was the polar opposite of Quinn-funny, charming, good looking and understanding. But both Torrrin and Quinn were connected by the fact that they had less than perfect situations at home with their families. He was able to get through to Quinn by getting past her 'barriers' and letting her know how he felt."Realism. These pictures remind me something can have a flaw and still be beautiful."Their romance was sweet but not exactly intense. Definitely no insta-love-Thank God! There were a few revelations along the line, which were not too difficult to predict.Stripped was a quick and easy read that keeps you entertained despite the slow start. I'd recommend Stripped for someone who's looking for a light and mildly emotional read.