My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy Book One)

My Ex From Hell - Tellulah Darling Stop by Say It with Books this week to read our chat review,to find out what cartoon character wrote her Master's Thesis on and to win a copy of My Ex From Hell!Nuzaifa: Hi Everyone! Since the response for our first chat review in April was amazing we have decided to make the chat review a monthly feature here at Say It with Books. So welcome to our second chat review-Today we will be reviewing Tellulah Darling’s YA romantic comedy, My Ex from Hell! JSo Rach tell me what are your thoughts on My Ex from Hell?Rachel: Do you know the feeling when you totally didn’t see something coming? That’s what I felt when I read My Ex from Hell. When I first heard of it, I expected it to just be another typical story of a teenage girl and a bad boy-you know the story. But when I started reading it, I was instantly engrossed and I liked Sophie right away. She’s witty and downright hilarious! I know readers will absolutely love her and all the other characters.Nuzaifa: Spot on, Rach-that is exactly how I felt about Sophie! This girl’s sarcasm will leave you in a fit of giggles! One of the Darling’s strengths is her knack for writing witty dialogue. Thanks to this factor the story moved fast and there was never a dull moment!"I'm guessing that's a costume and not you finally announcing your lack of a dick to the world," I said to Anil."Nice trying to go as an actual chick, Bloom," he sneered back. "Maybe one day you won't need the socks."“In the improved movie version of my life, I came back with the best comeback ev-ah. "Rachel: Ditto! Right from the first page of this story, I can assure you that you will laugh your hearts out!Dear Your Royal ImperialnessDemeter, Goddess of Grain andFertility, Preserver of Marriage, andBringer of Seasons,Or can I just call you Mom?Rachel: This immediately heightened my curiosity because and it already gives you an idea of what Sophie went through, in bits and pieces. We have studied Greek Mythology back in high school but this is such a refreshing take on this subject. I’ve never been that interested with gods and goddesses, but when I read My Ex From Hell, I swear I suddenly wanted to know more about it.Nuzaifa: I can definitely relate to that, Rach! Greek Mythology is something that’s growing popular in the YA category but I don’t think I’ve come across a book that tackles the whole Persephone and Hades angle in such a way. And I definitely don’t think I’ve ever come across a Persephone that is hilarious as Sophie!Rachel: The plot itself was interesting and funny. The reason why Sophie met Kai and the circumstances and the place and everything! And after that, it’s when Sophie’s whole world started to turn upside down. And add Hannah and Theo to the story, then bam, get ready to laugh your asses out. Their personalities are so different from each other, especially with Hannah and Sophie. Hannah’s the perfect example of a popular girl with her oh-so-perfect face and model-like body while Sophie’s the simpler one but they seem to blend well just right. Another character that made this story more interesting is Bethany. Just a glimpse of their exchange:Bethany: “I know a great pose for relieving stress. It involves shoving your head up your ass.”Sophie: “I couldn’t steal your signature move. Oh wait. That’s shoving your head up the teachers’ asses. My bad.”Seriously, there were times when I wanted to smack Bethany for being so mean to Sophie and thinking that she’s the most superior creature in the world. But as what I said, she also shook things up and made it more exciting.Nuzaifa: Supporting characters is where a lot of books fail but the entire cast of My Ex from Hell was well constructed and were all involved in the story. Theo would probably be my most favourite supporting character! With his dry humour and air of mystery Theo was a total winner in my opinion."How big was my rack?" I asked hopefully."Such tact," Theo admonished. "I never noticed.""How would big boobs help you save humankind? Unless you're planning to poke out Hades' eye with your diamond hard nips." Hannah rolled her eyes at me.Whether it’s saving the universe from pissed off Greek Gods or slaying dragons you can always count on Sophie, Theo and Hannah to make laugh your heart out!Rachel: Of course, last but not the least. Kai. The swoon worthy guy, but let me tell you, he can be a pig sometimes most of the time. And our dear Sophie is very attracted to him:Kai’s voice was dark and lazy and slightly foreign and … whoa baby, I’m getting weakjust thinking about it. Name, voice, it all worked for me. Fortunately, he couldn’t see me nod like an idiot puppy at his words.I still don’t know if I am going to love or hate Kai, well because of the ending, but right now it’s 60% love, 40% hate.Nuzaifa: And here I was wondering when we were going to get to the most yummy part! ;) Kai….I think I’m going to wait and read the sequel, My DateFrom Hell before deciding on how I feel about him since we didn’t really get to know Kai very well in My Ex From Hell. So Rachel time to wrap this up, what did you think of the book as a whole?Rachel: My Ex From Hell is a refreshing take of the story of gods and goddesses and readers will surely love the twists and turns that Tellulah created for this story. Perfect blend of the characters and well-written lines, thumbs up for Ms. Darling! Nuzaifa: My Ex From Hell is great choice for Mythology fans who love retellings and a good laugh. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of Tellulah’s wonderful writing in the sequel, My Date From Hell!