Innocent Darkness (The Aether Chronicles, #1)

Innocent Darkness (The Aether Chronicles, #1) - Suzanne Lazear "No, I'm in my room fast asleep like a proper young lady instead of up in a tree like a hoyden"Bad Ass Cover. Sassy Protagonist. Steampunk. And Faeries.I expected awesome-ness.The story starts off with Annabelle who's one of the rare girls with the Spark. The prologue was written really well and exciting.In the first chapter we see Noli and her friend, V get into trouble for taking her dad's unregistered flying car for a spin. The story is set in LA in 1901 so women's rights hadn't been fully established and it's considered illegal. They get caught thanks to Noli who crash lands on her neighbour's backyard. She’s sent to a reform school which uses cruel punishments as disciplinary measures and the creepy doctor added to the horror factor. Noli accidentally makes a wish that lands her in the Otherland.Kevighn follows her into the faerie realm.Lazear has created some really interesting characters. I found Noli clever but at times she was unbelievably immature. She was cautious when it came to dealing with faeries and she didn't make a lot of rash decisions.V and Kevighn were okay-ish, not very impressive and their behaviour was annoying at times. What the characters lacked was depth and as far I could see there wasn't any actual character development.With all that said I have to mention that it was an interesting combo-Steampunk & Fantasy. The story was original and the descriptions of the Otherworld were captivating.The supporting characters Charlotte and V's brother were great characters. I enjoyed reading it but it could have been better. If the characters had been a lil more relate-able and if the story had actually included more steampunk elements it could have been a book worthy of 5 Stars. "Now she understood why they called him Kevighn Silver-Tongue.It was not for his kisses, but for his lies"