Tempestuous (Twisted Lit)

Tempestuous: A Modern-Day Spin on Shakespeare's The Tempest - Kim Askew, Amy Helmes 3.5 StarsBefore reading Tempestuous I had no idea what Shakespeare's Tempest was about.So before reading Tempestuous I looked up the Tempest and here's a short summary that might give you an idea of what it is about.Tempestuous was a quick and light read-It wasn't the kind of book that I usually read but it was definitely entertaining!Most retellings fall short of my expectations for some reason but Tempestuous was not one of those books.The similarities between Shakepeare's Tempest and Tempestuous were subtle and not overly stressed so it didn't come across as forced.The smooth writing and the witty dialogue made experience very enjoyable.The characters were strong and flawed so this made relating to them quite easy.Miranda is no longer the popular high school girl,kicked out from the inner circle by her "friends" she has become a social leper who's forced to work at a hot dog stall in the mall.....in hideous hat that has a plastic wiener spinning on top of it!Miranda's friend and co-worker,Ariel was adorably chirpy.Although Ariel comes across as a bit of an airhead at the beginning she surprised me with her thoughtfulness and crazy ideas as the story progresses.Caleb too turns out be much more than a moody loner.Miranda and Caleb end up handcuffed together and this helps to reevaluate their love-hate relationship.The romance builds slowly as soon as they both realize that there's more to each other than what meets the eye.The "bad guys" were believable since they each had their own set of flaws.There were some interesting twists and turns in Tempestuous and I definitely see that ending coming!Tempestuous with it's quirkiness and laugh-out-loud moments would make a great summer read.See here for my review of Exposure - Twisted Lit #2